Eastern Maine Baseball Umpires Association

The 2023 EMBUA Umpire Rookie School 

The Eastern Maine Baseball Umpires Association will be holding classes for those wishing to umpire baseball  at the middle school, junior high and high school levels. This class will also help you do summer games
No umpire experience required​
Location - Brewer High School
Dates: Starts in late February 2023
Classes are on Thursday evenings from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Cost: The Class/Membership fee is $25.00 (Includes materials)

Course Completion Requirements
1. Must attend a minimum of 4 training classes
2. Attend the required mechanics session. 
3. Score a minimum of 65% on the NFHS rules test

                     2023 Projected Class schedule
Class #1    TBD        6:00-8:00          Welcome / Rule 1 - + Mechanics basics
Class #2    TBD        6:00-8:00          Rule 2 / Rule 3 - + Mechanics basics
Class #3    TBD        6:00-8:00          Rule 4 / Rule 5 - + Mechanics basics
Class #4    TBD        6:00-8:00          Rule 6  - + Mechanics basics
Class #5    TBD        6:00-8:00          Rule 7 / Rule 8 - + Mechanics basics
Class #6    TBD        6:00-8:00          Rule 9 / Rule 10 / Review 

Our Lead Instructor Troy Lare
Executive Board - EMBUA
High School Umpire
HS Umpire Trainer
College Baseball Umpire
Cape Cod League Umpire
American Legion Umpire
 Cost includes first year membership. all books and handouts. Our cost remains to be $25.00. Use our Pay Pal link below, to pay with your Debit/Credit card.
Payment by check/Cash is also available.

We are required by the MPA and Maine DOE, to be fingerprinted as sports officials. This program began in 2020, and if you have had your fingerprints taken as a school employee or other sport official, this meets our requirement.
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Interested in taking the class?
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