Eastern Maine Baseball Umpires Association

The EMBUA is part of the Maine State Umpires Association. In 2017, the State Association adopted a state-wide default uniform to be worn by all of the members. (also required for play-offs)

The current uniforms are available by using the link below. To order, just use the numbers listed.

Black is the 'default color' but approved light blue and navy may be worn if entire crew agrees.

2019 Approved Uniforms
Black with stripes on collar - # MEKSS ($26.50)
Light Blue with navy/white - #ASKSS
Black with white stripes on shoulder - # MEKJ ($54.00)
Plate Coat
Black with EM on hat - # MEK02 ($14.75)
Charcoal Gray - available in base/plate/combo style
Shoes/Belt/socks - black
Undershirts - shall match the shirts

AllSports East has plate equipment, ball bags, indicators, bushes, shoes, clothing and more. 
All-Sports will also sew on the State patch upon request. 
Check out the site for more information. 
It is best to call them, so you can ask questions. 
Call 800-351-5474.
* Uniforms may be ordered from other suppliers, but must meet criteria above. State patch will not be sewn on by them. *
Default Shirt
Approved Shirt
Default Jacket
on back under collar
New to EMBUA
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