Eastern Maine Baseball Umpires Association

The Eastern Maine Baseball Umpires Association (EMBUA) serves area schools within the geographic area of Eastern Maine. Our coverage area also includes Bangor, Brewer, Hampden, Old Town, Dover, Greenville, MDI, Lee, Millinocket and Orono. We are one board of seven in the Maine State Umpires Association.

Our Goals include:
~ Promoting the uniform interpretation of the rules of baseball
~ Promoting better baseball and umpiring
~ Fostering good relationships among all umpires, players and school (team) officials
~ Striving for better understanding between umpires and the general public
~ Assisting in the development of good clean competition and high standards of      character and citizenship
~ Providing training to improve umpiring in general.

Membership in the EMBUA: 
Regular membership - Open to any person who is at least 18 years of age (High School games).
Junior membership - Under 18 - (Juniors & Seniors in High School) are eligible for Middle School Games only. 
Four classes of membership
Active members are available for game assignments
Associate members - are not available for assignment but maintain membership with EMBUA
Probationary members are new members working only sub-varsity games. Those members must pay dues, attend four rules clinics and successfully pass a written examination
Honorary life members - Members who are no longer active and have served not less than 15 years in a manner that is worthy of recognition to the whole community. This is voted on by the membership.

Please contact our board secretary, Steve Salsbury or Rob Curtis if you would like more information on joining our association

Life Members
Bruce Anderson
Mike Bordick Sr *
Harry Dalton *
Ken Parker *
Leroy Patterson *
Peter Webb

* = Deceased

​Members of Maine Baseball Hall of Fame
Ralph Damren -2016
Bill Patterson - 2023