Eastern Maine Baseball Umpires Association

Our Association uses an Executive Board system to run our day to day operations. We vote on all issues that effect the board in our annual general membership meetingsEach Executive Board member holds the office for a 3-year term.

Our 2020 Executive Board Members Include
President - Cary Libby (exp 2023)
Secretary / Treasurer - Steve Salsbury (exp 2022)
Interpreter - Rob Curtis (exp 2023)
* Assignor - Chris Parker (exp 2021)
Member at Large - Troy Lare (exp 2021)
Member at Large - Tom Grant (exp 2022)
* Legal Representative - Richard Tucker Esq.

Committees / Training
Ethics Committee - * Dick Tucker, * Stu Markoon, * Dan O'Connell
New Member Training -  Troy Lare (appointed)
Ratings Coordinator - Tom Grant (appointed)
Recruiting Committee - Cary Libby, Tom Grant, Rob Curtis
Umpire Clinic - Troy Lare,  Rob Curtis

* = Non-Voting member of the board
Contact Phone Numbers
Information - Steve Salsbury
Assignor - Chris Parker
Interpreter - Rob Curtis
New Member Info - Steve Salsbury
Thank You !!
   The EMBUA would like to thank our long time rules interpreter - Ralph Damren for being our go to guy for 40 years. We would like to thank you for all of the phone calls you took from our members, and for having the ability to put rule situations into game scenarios.

Long live Bubba and the prom queen.