Co-Sponsored by:
University of Maine Baseball

When:    Early 2022

Where: University of Maine Baseball Clubhouse

Who is it for? 
This program is open to anyone that currently umpires baseball or anyone who is interested in becoming an umpire. This day long clinic will sharpen the skills needed to becoming a better umpire. 

The program will also be a benefit to current umpires that would like to 'move up' in High School levels or on to the college ranks, as current HS (NFHS) and College (CCA) mechanics will be taught.

Cost:     Free

What will we cover? 
We will start with some of the basic fundamentals of umpiring and build on those concepts throughout the day. 
We will focus on basics this year.
~ Proper plate positioning/mechanics/Wedge
~ Base work
~ Calling pitches
~ Proper signaling
What do students need to bring?
~ Umpire uniform (If you have one) or clothes for running and baseball activities.
~ Plate gear. (Some can be provided if you have none)
~ Water bottle
~ The willingness to work to become a better umpire.
~ Athletic Cup (If you are borrowing plate gear)

Tentative Schedule of Clinic

8:30am        Meet at UMaine Lounge - Introductions
8:45am        Working with coaches - Coach Derba
9:00am        Classroom 
10:00am      Plate work session - Classroom
11:15am      Start of scrimmage - umpires will rotate through
TBD             Estimated end of day

* Specific rules WILL NOT be covered in this session. This is a field mechanics clinic, and some rules MAY be discussed.

* We will be working University of Maine inside scrimmages..
If you are interested in becoming a member of the 

Eastern Maine Baseball Umpires Association

Rules programs are held in the spring. 

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Our Instructors
Troy Lare
Executive Board - EMBUA
High School Umpire
HS Umpire Trainer
College Baseball Umpire
Cape Cod League Umpire
Little League Umpire Trainer
American Legion Umpire
LL - Regionals & WS Umpire
Rob Curtis
Jim Evans Pro School Graduate
High School Umpire
Trainer - EMBUA
Rules Interpreter - EMBUA
HS State Game Umpire
Little League Umpire Trainer
American Legion Umpire
LL - Regionals & WS Umpire
Little League - Assistant DA
Nick Derba
Head Coach Univ of Maine
Fmr Asst Coach CCBL
Former Division 1 player
Former AAA Catcher (STL)

Eastern Maine Baseball Umpires Association
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