Eastern Maine Baseball Umpires Association

College Fall Baseball

Are you still interested in working more baseball games into the fall? If so, here is a rare chance to work NCAA Division 1 baseball (well sort of). The University and our board have a working relationship, that has continued for number of years. We have also started working with the Husson University program. This is a very good Division 3 program,

Here is the deal - During fall baseball, teams scrimmage on a regular basis. They are always looking for umpires to work these games. We have been working these games for them. Although there is no pay, the board does get free use of UMaine facilities for our annual Umpire Clinic.

The plus side - you get to call very good pitching, very good hitting and work very fast paced games. There is no pressure during these games and they are great fun to work. Anyone is eligible to work these game (we will not throw you under the bus).

The University of Maine also offer us time in the Mahaney Dome to call pitches as they can get ready for their spring season to start.

Husson University opens up their cages in the spring pre-season for us to call pitches to get ready for the spring season to start.

Contact Troy Lare if you are interested
Basic Guidelines

We try to use 3 or 4-man crews for fall ball. It is good practice, and a main comment we hear is not enough 3 or 4-man games during the season. I will do my best to keep the number of games fair to what you all send me for schedules.
Please review the 3 and/or 4-man mechanics in the manual.
In keeping with the College Baseball systems, I assign a Crew Chief. This is the only person who will contact the coach. The Crew Chief also has to contact the crew prior to the game(s).
Plate Umpire will be assigned, and the base guys can rotate to different bases if they wish.

Uniforms are black shirts or jackets – EM hats.